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 About Alicia 

“The eye should learn to listen before it looks.”
Robert Frank

Alicia is a 25 year old creative based in London. Specialising in documentary and travel photography, Alicia does not feel at home in any one place but when on the move which she attributes to her mixed British, Jordanian and Dutch heritage.
Having acquired her first DSLR for winning an under 18s film festival, Alicia was inspired to continue sharing her work and has since exhibited at various venues including the Royal Geographic Society London in the Environmental Photographer of the Year Exhibiton. 
Having travelled to over 45 countries, Alicia likes to create a sense of place with series of images rather than isolated photos. Her favourite subject is humans and their relationship with the natural world. Alicia is trained as a professional scuba diver which has opened up a whole new dimension of this relationship to document. 
When she is not taking photos, Alicia works freelance in a diversity of creative industries from graphic and interior design to textiles, murals and stained glass.
With her passion for exploration, Alicia hopes her work can awaken the adventurer in all of us. 

Research Interests
With a degree in Human Sciences from UCL, Alicia's work is informed by her interests in anthropology, evolutionary psychology, environmental and social issues with a particular interest in the intersection of health and the natural world.

When researching how alkaloids isolated from the Madagascan Periwinkle revolutionised the treatments of two types of cancer, Alicia developed a lasting interest in the notion that the natural world contains everything required for humans to thrive and heal.
Since going on to research the link between diminishing contact with the natural world and the increase of mental health conditions, her main area of interest has become the treatment of such conditions using interaction with nature, rituals, somatic and movement therapies and how these "emerging" treatments can be linked back the lifestyle of out tribal past. An avid dancer and yogi herself, she likes to make sure this research translates into practice for herself and others. 
Alicia sees visual communication as a more accessible and inspiring method of education than academic reporting and therefore believes it to be a vital tool to engage a wider audience in the most pressing global issues. 
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